Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gyoza (Japanese Dumpling)

Happy New Year!

How are you?

I have been trying to develop a Gyoza recipe since late November, for next cooking class coming in February at local cooking school.

I'd love to have all students make Gyoza skin too, but it wouldn't allow to finish with other dishes during the class time if we make the Gyoza skin :(
That would be great if I can do a class like, "all about Gyoza class", with a lots of different kind of ingredients and hand made skin.

And this class's main theme is "UMAMI", so I want to introduce a lot of umami ingredients while in the class too.

For Gyoza recipe that I am trying to develop, I want to use ground pork, dried shiitake mushroom, bamboo shoot, mung beans thread, and a lot of fresh ginger and garlic. This is the photo I made the other day with those ingredients.

Gyoza is one of Japanese favorite, and great with rice, ramen noodle, and beer (my father loves to have Gyoza with his favorite beer!)

I am going to talk and teach about how to wrap it, and how to cook Gyoza for nice crispy looking and some tasty tips.

I hope people are excited as I am and like it.

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