Monday, December 27, 2010

Stew in Bread Cup

When I want to make a quick dinner, I sometimes use a can of cream of mushroom and make a stew with chicken, a lot of vegetables, and short pasta in it. This dish helps me a lot especially when I don't have much time to cook.

For a chenge, I put puff pastry on each bowl with the stew in it and make a pot pie, sometimes put whole stew in a caselol and sprinkle some cheese and bake it. With one can, I can make a pretty good amount of stew for two of us, so it appeares on our table on the next day, too.
The other day, I made cup with bread and put some left over stew in it.

It turned out very pretty :)

I used some sliced bread that I bought from the local grocery store, lay it in a muffin tin with little butter. The size was perfect, and the soft crum easily fitted in the tin and the top of the bread set like flower petal around nicely.

Left over stew turned out nice brunch next day!

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