Monday, September 6, 2010

Kanten Jelly #5


When I was working for re-sizing this picture with my lap-top, my husband was sitting right next to me and said,

"Wow! Is that TUNA? That's nice, babes!"
"No, No-!"

"That's strawberry kanten jelly cut in cubes!"

I used fresh strawberry puree 1/2 cup and water 1/2 cup (1:1), and 1 package kanten powder
(2 grams), that's it. It only took 30-40 min. to mold.

There were a lots of strawberry seeds you can taste and that's very comfortable crunch!


  1. Looks a nice piece of fruit candy. what is kanten, btw?

  2. Its agar-agar, a gelatin made from algae instead of animal protein. It is full of fiber and minerals and is used to make jell-o like desserts =)

  3. What is 2 grams. How do I measure that?

  4. You cook for about how many minutes.