Wednesday, May 18, 2011

GooGoo Bread


Have you ever heard of "Goo Goo Bread" before?

This bread is called like this among Native American people. ("at least in my tribe", my husband says.) I learned how to make this from my husband a few years ago. It's a almost biscuit made with all purpose flour, shortening (or butter), sugar, baking powder, salt and milk. And it is cooked in a cast iron without using oven.

There is original recipe which my husband found from somewhere and I customized it in my way which is easy to work for me.

This one, I used dark brown sugar, and I used some milled buckwheat tea instead of using all of amount with all purpose flour. I love to use milled buckwheat tea in some baking, it gives great roasty flavor.

I tried to find why this bread is called "Goo Goo Bread", but I could not find it.

Does anyone know?

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