Thursday, November 26, 2009

MISO Project Part-1


Soy beans is the main ingredient for MISO Paste. It's also made from Rice, Wheat, or other whole grains nowadays. They are called AKA-MISO( Red MISO ), SHIRO-MISO ( White MISO ), or AWASE-MISO ( Red and White mixed MISO, or MISO with DASHI/Broth ). It's made everywhere in Japan, also some people make your own MISO paste,too. The colors vary from dark brown, reddish brown, yellow, whitish yellow...The difference of colors depends mostly on the duration of the farmentation process, and the ingredients used.

I sometimes use MISO for marinade mixing various ratios consisting of these four (4) ingredients; MISO, maple syrup, honey and soy souce, and few others now and then. Today's dish is a very simple and tasty miso marinade. I marinated in 1:1:1 ratio of white miso : maple syrup : soy souce for 2hours.

I used for some chicken this time, but seafood like shrimp, white fish, and shell fish, are good with it, too.

Oh, I forgot to tell you the last time, when I wrote about MISO Soup.
When you make your miso soup, please try to use 2 or more different types of miso when you have a chance that gives your miso soup more "UMAMI".

And you never want to boil the soup once you put MISO paste into the broth!

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