Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kinpira - Gobo


"Kinpira-Gobo" is sauteed and simmered vegetable, usually it's GOBO=Burdock Root. It is also made with carrots, celery root, and other vegetables too. Those are tasted with Soy Sauce, Mirin or Sugar, and Dashi Stock=Japanese Soup Stock, or Broth.

First, saute sliced vegetable in sesame oil. and then add all seasoning and simmered until vegetable get tender and liquid is almost absorbed. 
When you make this dish, sesame oil is a must ingredient I believe. This oil gives a great flavor to those earthy root vegetables, and well combined with all seasoning.

I usually make with Gobo and carrots, but since I got to know one of my friends makes with chicken in it, (and that taste was sooo good!), I really like the idea to add some kind of protein to this dish.

I used ground turkey instead of chicken this time, and also my favorite, Kiriboshi-Daikon (Dried Daikon Radish) with ground sesame on the top.
Another side dish high in fiber right there, and perfect side dish for my lunch box :)

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