Thursday, May 19, 2011

Potato Pancakes


Potato Pancakes, (sigh), this item I rarely make in my day to day cooking.

But, the other day I saw someone was making them on one of the food network shows and they looked so good! (My husband and I always get inspired by TV Cooking Shows so quickly and easily :)

Before I made potato pancakes myself, I had an image of potato pancakes; used as a appetizer or a side dish on a breakfast menu...

I realized that we have the same type of potato dish in Japan too. It's called Imo-Mochi. ( translated in English as Potato-Rice cake) We don't use butter to cook, or don't mix with grated cheese or jalapeno, but the gooey texture from their starch is exactly same.

It is fun and so interesting when I found out (re-realized) that there were the same types of dishes all over the world, using the local regional ingredients; Dumplings, Pasta or Noodle, Pickles, etc...

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