Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gyoza Origami


Earlier this month, I had taught a cooking class...
There was a Japanese style dumplings called GYOZA on the menu.

And before the class, I was thinking about how I can teach and explain to all the students on how to wrap the dumpling with the GYOZA skin and make it look presentable.

I believe it's important to create a fun atmosphere and with easy directions for hands-on recreational cooking class, it encourages students and guests to try making the dish at home too.
And this GYOZA wrapping process, there are some pleats making which is needed, a little tricky finger work for people making GYOZA the very first time, but you can do it.

And then the idea I got was...

To show some sample with paper crafted "GYOZA" !! The Big sized one is for showing everyone how to put ingredients and wrap, and then to make those pleats, and small one for actual size which people can take a look at as an example while they are making their own.

I don't know that this worked well, but everybody seemed to have made a great GYOZA in the class.

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