Monday, March 28, 2011

after three weeks...

It's been almost three weeks since Tohoku Kanto Daishinsai hit Japan.

My heart still harts and tears come out sometimes without no reason when I think of Japan and people living there. I can't stop thinking what I can do for my home country more than ever...

Last week, I finally got in contact with one of my friends who happens to live in Sendai with her husband and two sons. Until then, we haven't talked much with each other for a long time, I don't even remember when was the last time we talked. Still, we were so happy to hear from each other, we had a lot to talk what was going on each other's life, too many things needed too be updated, but just heard she was OK and I was so happy and relieved, that was it in our first email.

In her second email, she said, "There is still no water, no gas, and our house is still a mess, but still feel very lucky and happy. To many people lost, to many things lost." I didn't know what can I say, how can I encourage her. In her third email, she said, "It was sunny today, so it's easy for 2 hours wait for grocery shopping. There's still no water, but we'll hang in there."

In the next one, "I feel weak since it's started snowing for the passed couple of days, I hope that I didn't catch a cold. But, all your encouragement has made me energized, thank you! As long as you all care about us, we will be fine."

I realized that she is giving me strength and courage. All those people who lost many things show us, patients, dignity, to think who you are, what you stand for, and how you can be stronger no matter what.

I still search what I can do, but I am getting an answer about it. Because a lot of people show me and make me realize again where I am from and how I am going to live.

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