Monday, June 14, 2010

Kurumi-Miso (Walnuts Miso Sauce)

Here I made a Walnut-Miso Paste, just like I made that Sesame Sauce the other day. It turned out with a miso like paste. And I created a few different ways to use it.

This is the paste, doesn't it look like miso paste? I mixed in a little miso paste in order to give the sauce more flavor and richness. I also used a food processor to mix it all together, and it turned pasty like this quickly. I touched the paste and felt all the fat from the nuts. (a lot, but good fat! if you take with proper portion)

And, the ways I created to use were.....

Sauce for Noodles:
I added some dashi (soup stock) and made a cold noodle's dipping sauce. After I added the dashi, the color turned a whiter beige color. It didn't look like miso paste anymore!
I used a egg noodle, but I believe that Soba or Udon noodle also go along with this sauce, too.
Creamy dressing:
I also added dashi and little salt to make a dressing for leafy salad.

Another dressing:
I tossed with peeled carrots.

I wrapped this paste in a plastic wrap and kept in the freezer. (results To Be Announced)

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