Sunday, November 1, 2009

SOBA-CHA Recipe-Part 1

As I wrote the other day, I now started to create a few dishes with SOBA-CHA(Roasted Buckwheat Grain). Today, I will show you some of rice dishes I have made.

First one(picture above):
A short grain white rice with Buckwheat Tea, I cooked about three quarters(3/4) cup of rice and two(2) tablespoons of Buckwheat Tea together with my rice cooker. This made a wonderful soba flavored rice, very fragrant. My husband and I really liked it. And I think that this rice suits a lot of dishes. (We tried with Curry and Stir-fry, both very good!)

This one is a mix of short grain brown and white rice, oats, wild rice, pearl barley, flaxseed meal, and SOBA-CHA(Roasted Buckwheat Grain). This gave it a little crunchy texture, and everytime you bite it the grains you can taste the sweetness of grains which combined together made a tasty complexed flavor.

This dish I added some ingredients with Rice and SOBA-CHA when I cooked the rice in the rice cooker. Carrot, Dried Daikon(kiriboshi-daikon), Dried Seaweed(hijiki), Shiitake-mushroom are added with little soy sauce and salt, along with some lightly seasoned ground turkey on the top of the rice.
Turned out to be better than I expected...

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