Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chef M's Here!

Hello everyone, this is Chef M,

I love cooking and creating various dishes, using exotic ingredients in my cooking. With over 20 years of cooking experience, I would like to upgrade some old school Japanese and Western style recipes and make them more healthier and delicious by substituting certian ingredients with others that I find more fragreant, tasteful, and interesting!
My goal is to create some new delicious alternative dishes for my husband and myself, to enjoy eating. We both like to eat various types of foods and find ways to create healthy versions. My husband likes to stay active playing basketball and riding bike, so eating healthy helps keep him fit and gives him enough energy to get his work out and stay healthy. For myself, I am getting back into shape, so creating all these healthy dishes helps with my nutrition and keeps me going and going and going, so that's it for now.


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